Five Day Trips to Escape NYC

When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City, you can always rely on the Northeast’s well-connected and affordable transportation systems to help you escape. You can take advantage of the Metro North, for example, to escape the city within reasonable time and distance. Or take a bus down from Port Authority or a train from Penn Station, and within a few hours you can be down at a Jersey shore boardwalk or touring some of this country’s most historic areas. So where can you escape to?

1. Cold Spring is tiny village located on the always beautiful and scenic banks of the Hudson River. Getting there is as easy as taking the Metro North from Manhattan and the real hard part might be leaving behind Cold Spring’s scenic views of the Hudson, which can be enjoyed from various points on their “Main Street.” Main Street is lined with small shops, cafes, diners, and slopes down into the banks of the Hudson.

2. West Point Military Academy has a beautiful and historic campus, being that it has been the United States Army’s elite training ground since 1802. West Point was originally established as an outpost in 1778 and now has famous alums including former presidents Eisenhower and Grant and one of the first humans to step on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. Visitors can buy a travel package that gives them access to a tour of the campus.

3. Skydive in New Jersey is fun is you are feeling adventurous, and unfortunately skydiving in Manhattan is likely very frowned upon. Luckily, our neighbors across the Hudson have plenty of space for us to jump out of a plane and safely land.

4. Kykuit is the name of the John D. Rockefeller Estate, a 40 room mansion located in Hudson Valley. It was built in the 1900s and is now open for tours and picnics on its immense lawn.

5. Atlantic City if its the weekend and you feel like luck is on your side, heading down to Atlantic City is always an option. Catching a bus from Port Authority or a train from Penn State is super convenient and you can spend a weekend surrounded by beaches, games, and casinos. You will not run out of things to do.


Top 5 Tourist Attractions in New York City

Xavier Capdepon tourists in NYCAs a native New Yorker, I have had numerous experiences with each of these tourist attractions due to family and friends coming up to visit and wanting the full “tourist experience.” Below are my top 5 tourist attractions in New York City.

1)   Central Park – Central Park is a multi-faceted park that is great for walking around all year long.  The park contains numerous beautiful patches of land that people don’t typically get to encounter in New York City. From sunbathing to ice-skating, Central Park has it all. Food, a Zoo, multiple lakes, a Museum, walking paths, biking paths, and a concert area are only some of the activities that this picturesque park has to offer.

2)   The American Museum of Natural History – Simply put, this museum is awe-inspiring. The museum contains multiple exhibits organized by time period. From Dinosaurs to the modern day human, this museum contains life-size replicas of some of the most incredulous and amazing animals of all-time. This is a must visit if you are looking to spend some quality time in New York City.

3)   The High Line – If you are looking to take a nice stroll throughout the city, the High Line has become increasingly popular. The abandoned railway track has been restored with lush greenery and smooth pavement. This paired with a magnificent city view from the west side makes the High Line a high priority for many tourists coming to visit New York City.

4)   Rockefeller Center & The Empire State Building – I had to put these both in the same category because both these buildings offer an extraordinary panoramic view of the city’s landscape from within.  Rockefeller Center is famous for its popular ice-skating rink and enormous Christmas tree during the holiday season.  The Empire State building is the city’s second tallest building (300 feet shorter than One World Trade Center).

5)   Time Square – As a native New Yorker, I typically never want to go to Time Square. If you are a tourist trying to gather as much as the city as possible, then you should definitely walk through Time Square.  Filled with tourists, Time Square is home to numerous shopping, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

Honorable Mention: Smorgasburg – Located in Williamsburg, a tourist should cross over to Brooklyn on a Saturday, and grab some food at this popular flea market open to the public. Not only is the food great, but the location is spectacular. One can get a beautiful view of Manhattan that they wouldn’t be able to get inside the city.