The 5 Museums In NYC That Will Actually Blow Your Mind

Xavier Capdepon NYC The Tenement MuseumWant to visit a museum and get some cultural enrichment without getting bored in the process? You’re not alone — one of the biggest complaints from younger audiences is that museums don’t sufficiently engage their audiences. Check out this list of 7 interactive and engaging museums to get an exciting dose of culture without all the yawns. You’ll never feel the same way about museums again.

The Tenement Museum: Take a guided tour through this series of restored tenement apartments in the Lower East Side to get a glimpse into the lives of the 7,000 working class immigrants who lived there a century ago. The Tenement Museum is a captivating time capsule that preserves the history of this iconic neighborhood and also exposes visitors to current debates about public health and immigration.

Xavier Capdepon New York City The Frick MuseumThe New Museum: The New Museum is New York’s only museum solely dedicated to contemporary art. Founded in 1977, The New Museum has become internationally respected for its adventurous projects and interactive exhibits. Don’t forget to check out the incredibly spacious elevators and the amazing view from the roof deck!

The Museum of Sex: This museum is as much about the captivating exhibits as it is about the joy of perusing through the gift shop. Throughout the exhibitions, you’ll learn about the sex lives of animals, the history of porn, and perhaps even a little about your own sexuality!

The Frick Museum: The Frick Museum hosts some of the greatest European art in the world. But the amazing story behind the gigantic museum is that it used to be one man’s house! Henry Frick was a famous art collector in his time and always intended his lavish residence — and all of the art, furniture, and decorative objects inside it — to become a public museum.

The Cooper Hewitt Museum: If you find yourself interested in the future of design, then the interactive Cooper Hewitt Museum is the museum for you. Located in the former mansion of Andrew Carnegie, this place will give visitors fascinating insights into how extensively the world revolves around design.