Best Music Venues in New York City

One of the best parts of New York City is the vivacious music scene. Here is where I take the time to go through some of New York City’s best music venues.

The Music Hall of Williamsburg is a staple for the indie music scene. Beers are on the cheep side and the venue is not overwhelmingly large. It is perfect for the Williamsburg music scene. The venue is intimate with some big names that roll through from time to time.

Xavier Capdepon Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl

Another popular music venue in Williamsburg is the Brooklyn Bowl. This music venue is one of my favorite venues as there is plenty of space for concertgoers. There are two separate areas with one bar each. The first area is located at the entrance, and it includes a restaurant with plenty of seating. The next area is a large dance floor with a bowling ally to the right of it that looks over the main stage. This is a great place to spend the weekend with a large group of friends.

My last stop in Brooklyn is another Williamsburg favorite, Glasslands Gallery. This area is a much more intimate venue that cuts off the crowd before the space is overpacked. The unique lighting and close proximity to the band or DJ give this spot a h
omie feel that you can’t get at the bigger venues.

Xavier Capdepon Terminal 5

Terminal 5

Next on the list: Bowery Ballroom. This venue has been a premier spot in the Lower East Side for decades. The space fits a little over 500 people, as it used to host some of the most popular rock shows in New York City. More recently the concert hall has hosted hip-hop artists and now EDM artists. There are three separate dance floors and three bars, so there is plenty of room to get some drinks and dance.

The last venue I will speak on is another popular music venue located in midtown, Terminal 5. This music venue is fairly massive, and tends to get crowded easily. The acts that they bring on are top notch though. With three floors, an abundance of seating, and multiple bars; this venue is great for seeing some of the most popular acts in not only NYC, but also the country.